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#1 PerlQt with KDE 3.0.7 on MacOSX

Benjamin Reed

I've modified the admin/ to include some fixes from the
KDE-Darwin tree, and rerun Makefile.cvs, which works fine.

I then ran configure and it gets most of the way
through (it seems), but dies with:

EXPORT_DOCKCLASS::~KDockTabGroup has no case \ number for sig=~KDockTabGroup() at \ line 1949.

(all on one line, but SF is notorious for formatting
these things weirdly)

Can I assume this is just a KDE 3.0.7-ism?

Is it possible to update the kalyptus in the tree from
KDE cvs without messing anything up?


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  • Benjamin Reed
    Benjamin Reed

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    I just got back into town, so I haven't had a chance to play
    with making it happy by messing with the syntax.

    As to the admin/ changes, I have a bunch of fixes that need
    to go upstream, but they are currently maintained separately
    in a KDE-Darwin tree at The big thing that
    can't go upstream yet is libtool fixes, since the KDE guys
    won't take admin/ changes to libtool until they've gone
    upstream to the libtool guys first (so as to avoid the mess
    that admin/ was before 3.0 when it got cleaned up and

    As soon as I have the time to get things cleaned up for
    presentation to the GNU folks, I'm going to merge a lot of
    our stuff into mainline. Until then, we're gonna maintain
    our own tree for a bit.

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