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PerlMyAdmin 2.0 near completion!

PerlMyAdmin 2 should be available for download by the end of January 2004. It is a complete rewrite and (hopefully!) fixes the existing bugs in version 1 and also includes new features and error checking. PerlMyAdmin 2 is completely template based and comes with a powerful template parser.

Posted by Paul Wilson 2004-02-09

PerlMyAdmin 1.0.0 beta3 released!

Beta3 is now ready for download. This fixes a template issue which I missed in beta2 and also should sort out a search bug and a problem regarding the "Stats" link with pre 3.23 versions of mysql.

Posted by Paul Wilson 2002-08-29

PerlMyAdmin 1.0.0 beta2 released!

I know, it was only yesterday that beta1 was released but there were some important changes needed such as a bug with printing headers what was causing Netscape to parse the database list page as text/plain rather than text/html.

There were also some display issues with Netscape regarding tables, which should now be fixed (NS 6).

There have been some other changes/fixes too which can be seen in CHANGES.readme.

Posted by Paul Wilson 2002-08-26

Scheduled release date for PerlMyAdmin

PerlMyAdmin is still in development and the first beta is scheduled for release on or before 1st September 2002.

Posted by Paul Wilson 2002-08-21