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#4 Submission/display of post-mortem solns

Adam Spiers

It would be really nice if visiting the post-mortem
after a competition is closed not only showed all the
submitted during the competition, but any solutions
after the competition which would have won the
competition had
they been entered during it. Of course it would make
sense to
highlight them in a different colour.

I propose that the solutions be allowed to be submitted
in the same
manner as during the competition, with the extra rule
that the solution
*must* be a better score than the winner. Any attempts
to submit
solutions worse than the winner would result in an
error page which
explains that the competition is now over. The
solution would get
sent to the referee(s) in the normal manner for
approval. Given the
difficulty of beating the alien who won the hole, I
don't envisage the
referee(s) getting swamped with email as a result of
this new feature.


  • Dave Hoover
    Dave Hoover

    Logged In: YES

    This seems workable, though there would need to be a time
    limit to how long post-mortem improvements could be added.
    A week seems good to me. What do you think?

  • Adam Spiers
    Adam Spiers

    Logged In: YES

    Bah, look at the mess the sourceforge text boxes made of my
    line breaks :-(

    I don't see why there has to be a time limit. After a
    couple of weeks
    everyone forgets about the hole anyway and moves onto mini-golf
    warm-ups for the next hole, but in the very unlikely event
    of someone
    making a significant discovery a substantially long time
    after the close
    of competition, I suspect the referees would rather hear
    about it than not.
    Then again, you're a ref and I'm not, so it's your call :-)

    If you do add a time limit, 2 weeks is on the safe side.
    It's almost
    inconceivable that anyone other than Ton and mtve will come up
    with anything anyway :-)

  • Dave Hoover
    Dave Hoover

    Logged In: YES

    There would need to be a time limit because referees are not
    referees forever, just for a week. And then the referees
    change from tournament to tournament. Should the referees
    of a future touranament be responsible for post-mortem
    improvement for all past competitions?

    No, to make things easier on the referees, a week of post-
    mortem improvements should suffice. I don't remember any
    past tournaments where post-mortem improvements were
    submitted to the list much past a week.

    Also, for me to spend time on this new feature, I'm going to
    need a few other golfers to tell me they're interested in it. I'll
    post the idea to and see what people think...

  • Dave Hoover
    Dave Hoover

    Logged In: YES

    After receiving no responses from other golfers, it appears
    there isn't much of a demand for this functionality. I'll leave it
    open (but unimplemented) in case other people find it useful
    in the future.

  • Dave Hoover
    Dave Hoover

    • status: open --> closed