ANNOUNCE: Win32::GUI v1.03

I am please to announce that v1.03 of Win32::GUI is available for
download from SourceForge.

Win32::GUI is a Perl extension allowing creation of native Win32 GUI


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Release notes:


This is a summary of changes between Win32-GUI V1.02 and V1.03
See the CHANGELOG file in the distribution for the
full detail.

V1.03 is primarily a bug-fix release.

New Features in V1.03

+ New methods:
- Win32::GUI::DC StretchBlt
- Win32::GUI GetParent UserData

+ New events:
- none

+ New Documentation:
- Win32::GUI::RichEdit SetCharFormat GetCharFormat SetEventMask
- Win32::GUI::GetAsyncKeyState
- Win32::GUI::Timer and all Timer methods
- various other minor documentation corrections and enhancements

+ Other New things
- Added Version information to GUI.dll: right-click to see Version
- many tests added
- added to the samples demonstrating the use
of drag/drop with a ListView
- ImageList support is now complete under MinGW and Cygwin if
headers are recent enough (w32api V3.2 or higher)
- Updated all the Tutorial documentation and added tutorial
examples to the demos directory.

Fixes in V1.03

+ Reported Bugs
- Fix to 4 item call to TrackPopupMenu. Tracker 1241830
- Fix to logic in Win32::GUI::Class::new for perl 5.8.6
and above. Tracker:1236053
- fixed Win32::GUI::Brush to return undef on failure
- GUI_messageloops.cpp: Tracker 1246429 fixed WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC
for handling readonly Edit controls
- Tooltip.xs, GUI.xs fixed Tooltip styles (Tracker: 1273134)
- GUI_MessageLoops.cpp change all mouse event handlers to use
GET_X_LPARAM and GET_Y_LPARAM rather than HIWORD and
LOWORD (Tracker: 1262098)
- GUI.xs fixed UnHook() to resolve perl 5.6/5.8 differences in
av_delete, causing a warning in perl 5.8 (Tracker: 1164766)
- GUI.xs: Changed DoModal's use of GetParent to
GetWindow(hwnd, GW_OWNER). (Tracker: 1165626)
- GUI_messageloops.cpp: Tracker:1236283 Change to WM_ERASEBACKGROUND
to allow -background to work with windows

+ Other Bugs
- GUI_messageloops.cpp: Fixed WM_CTLCOLOR* to use window class
background brush if there is one
- Richedit.xs fix SetCharCofmat/GetCharFormat option
- Timer fixes (Reini Urban)
- fixed Win32::GUI::DC::new() with no params to return a
correct object
- GUI_Constants.cpp: correct TMP_NONOTIFY to TPM_NONOTIFY (aschwarz1309)
- Listbox.xs: fixed buffer overrun in GetText causing crash (Jez White)
- Combobox.xs: fixed buffer overrun in GetLBText causing crash (Jez White)
- GUI.xs: fixed return value of GetAsyncKeyState
- Re-worked Win32::GUI::Timer package implementation. Now destruction
works correctly.

Contributors to this release:

Dan Dascalescu
Reini Urban
Jeremy White
Robert May

My thanks to all the others who have provided invaluable comments and testing.

-- Rob. 22nd November 2005

Posted by Robert May 2013-05-08