Square window is okay with me.  Is there a way to have it popup when you move the mouse over a specific item in a listview (not just the row or column).  Clicking on it would be okay also, probably would work better if you click so you don't have windows popping up every time you move the mouse.


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07/18/2006 06:07 PM

Jeremy White <>,
Re: [perl-win32-gui-users] [win32-gui] Re:  Bubbles in a list view

Jeremy White wrote:
>> I'm in the process of designing my program so I apologize for not having
>> any code.  I want to setup a list view and then have it so that when you
>> move the mouse over a specific item/or if need be click a specific item a
>> pop-up bubble appears with some text.  Like the ones you see on the
>> taskbar when a wireless network is detected or there are new updates to
>> install.  I'm not sure what you call those things, I call them bubbles. Is
>> it possible to do something like this?
> Yes, it's possible - balloon help - will be in the next version coming
> soon...:)

Not wishing to contradict Jeremy, but no it won't.  I've implemented
balloon tips for the taskbar (NotifyIcon class) in the next version, but
not generic balloon tooltips (Tooltip class).  I hope that can make a
following release, but I've not looked at what's necessary there yet.

If you don't mind the popup windows being square, then you could use
standard tooltips, and you'd be able to turn them into balloon tooltips
with a later release.

Robert May
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