> When some of my Win32::GUI programs exit, I get the above error
> message. Trapping the error (via %SIG) gives no useful information,
> as caller() reports that the error occurred at "main.pl, line 0".
> Searching the web, I found a tantalizing almost-solution in this thread:
> http://old.nabble.com/Crash-with-perl-5.10-and-Win32%3A%3AGUI-1.6-td16523383.html
> [ http://goo.gl/UhcgE ]
> In this thread, one Jeremy White discovers the problem, apparently
> solves it, then writes:
> > I think the solution is straightforward but don't want to commit the
> > code yet.

Odd, reading your own posts from the past:) The code to fix the crash was committed.

> What is the solution to this puzzle? And, will there ever be an update
> to Win32::GUI?

I still get the "Can't call method "STORE" on an undefined value during global destruction" now and again and have never managed to track down the actual cause....

Yes, there should be a new build. There have been a few things committed since the last build including the ability to build Win32::GUI under a 64 bit compiler. It's easy enough to build Win32::GUI from source.

Rob still reading the list? Aldo?