Hi All,
I need to port my Perl script from Unix to Windows. Can someone tell me how to figure out which platform I am on? i.e. I need to know which Perl command can help me determin the platform. Once I know the platform, I'll code my script as the example bellow. But, how to figure out I am on Windows or Unix?
if ($usingUNIX)
    $directory = `ls`;   #UNIX version.
    $copyCommand = `cp`;   #UNIX version.
    $directory = `dir`;  #Win32 version.
    $copyCommand = `COPY`;  #Win32 version.
Second question:
The UNIX #!/usr/bin/perl notation does not work with Perl scripts on Windows. How should I code if it is Unix I place "#!/usr/bin/perl" at the very first line of the script? But, I do not place it at the first line of code if it is not Unix? How should I do it?
Your answers are greatly appreciated.

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