Does this mean, we will be able to make some kick ass 2D games using Win32::GUI and PERL?
Shouldn't that need some type of threading ?

Apu Islam
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From: Jeremy White <>
Sent: Friday, May 22, 2009 12:50:50 PM
Subject: Re: [perl-win32-gui-users] Win32::GUI + OpenGL

> I have also experimented with OpenGL and Win32::GUI. I started to
> write a module to integrate the two, but never completed it - I did
> get it running though, and successfully ported most of the examples
> that some with the OpenGL module.

I've played with this too. Got the basics working, but found OpenGL (and DirectX for that matter) to heavy for what I needed at the time (fast simple 2D graphics).
> I'll make make my code available sometime next week, once I get back
> home; if anyone wants to pick this up I can give some direction on
> what needs doing to complete it.


Win32::GUI::OpenGL then? :)

> Rob.


> >> It is possible to create child windows that are rendered to using OpenGL
> >> instead of rendering to the parent window, but requires a lot more setup.
> >> One of the tricks needed is to specify the right styles for the window. I
> >> have yet to perfect this technique, but perhaps when I get it working
> >> correctly I'll post an example.

Good work - and thanks for the example.

Feel free to drop me a mail off list as I can probably help here - I have got a 3rd party C++ graphics module painting into a Win32::GUI child window.



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