This is the 128 message:
#define WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW        0x00000080L

(This is documented in the Win32 Programmer's Reference help file and in
the winuser.h file from Visual C++)

Yup. Didn't have my VC++ install at work, though...

And this would be _so_ neat to use:

WS_EX_ACCEPTFILES -- Specifies that a window created with this style
accepts drag-drop files.

Anyone have any idea of things I have to think about if I want to try to
implement a drag-n-drop feature? I have already found the correct set of
functions and messages in the Win32 Reference.

Eh, I forget exactly how it works, but in VB you had to subclass some message
or another... wasn't too bad. If you have the exact procedure down, it's
pretty simple.