I am using the Win32-GUI    1.02 release.   I have found some added functionality over .665
that has me very happy.  Namely, a Change Event for the DateTime widget. 
But I still don't see a Double CLick event for TreeView nodes.  This is greatly needed.
Here is why:
Suppose you need a TreeView with the names of Bible Books as the parent nodes. Each child node below the parent represents a chapter in that book.  Your program displays the TreeView on the Left and a RichEdit control on the right.  You wish to display Bible Text in the RichEdit Control (retrieved from an MS-Access database table).   What you don't want to have happen is for the program to perform database lookups as the user moves from chapter to chapter, and book to book in the TreeView navigator using the arrow keys.  Using the arrow keys is the same thing as clicking on a node.  Both trigger the Click Event.   What I am having to do is make the user select menu option VIEW->Verses to populate the Bible text in the RichEdit control for the node with focus.  What I believe is the more appropriate instruction is for the user to DBL CLICK the node with focus to populate the RichEdit control.
Your thoughts please.
Eric Hansen