Yep, there's a "PERLWIN32GUI_USERDATA" structure for every control and window. This structure is chunky, and has references off to other structures in it, such as window names, cursors, accelerator tables, NEM events, etc. It could probably be optimized down.
The reason it uses more memory is that it supports and does more stuff. When you're writing an application to do, say, a calculator, you know exactly what buttons and windows you want, where you want them, and what you're doing, so you can build your C windowing code around your final goal. When you compile it, things get optimized even more by the compiler. With Win32::GUI there is no "final goal" and everything the Perl coder could conceivably want to do has to be supported, making it's footprint quite large.
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I've noticed that my app uses lots of memory on start up (35 M) compared to other "similar" applications (around 12 M) I'm on XP. I've got lots of windows and controls which are created at the start - is there Win32::GUI memory overhead for each control/window? Or should I start considering this as some sort of bug in my code?