Hi Steve,
Thanks for the updating of the progress bars arguments. Are you going to create the methods too?:) I'm going to have to find a place where I can use this functionality now...:)
You are right that the project should be driven by people working on active projects and with all the changes you are making, you must be working on something good!. 
As another example of the missing methods, I was having an email exchange with someone off the list and we started talking about the status bar and how you split it up like word or explorer. I had wrongly assumed it was just a case of putting a text box and positioning it correctly (I don't come from a windows background :) ). I then looked on the Microsoft site I found there are a whole bunch of methods for splitting up the status bar, adding/removing images etc. In an ideal world, these methods should be available in Win32::GUI. From my application viewpoint, it would be nice to have this functionality, and I considered implementing them - although my XS/C skills weren't up for the job. I suspect many people have been in the same boat with other controls, "It would be nice, but I can just manage with out it" - the toolbar is another control that springs to mind.
I think there is a strong argument for pro-actively finding and creating the missing methods/functions for all available controls. I'm sure most of us have been in the position where we wanted to do something simple and yet when we come to implementing it, we find the method is missing or undocumented. I'm also sure many newbies have been but off using Win32::GUI for this reason alone. When you add in the issues with the documentation, the failing examples, the initial image of Win32::GUI can be quite negative, even though (in my view) the product is actually very good.
Cheers and thanks again,
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Hi Jez,
I agree with most of your points about what goes into the project, but I feel that we're in the best position (as people working on active projects) to know what needs to be added.
To make you extremely happy the commit i'll do thisevening will make progress bars take account of -foreground and -background colour arguments. Rejoice!
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There have been quite a few additions to the 665-fix build - so perhaps a new build is warranted?
How would people feel if there are regular new builds - say once a month (during active development)? [Laurent, I apologise for a suggestion that would give you more work!].
I've been thinking for a while about the problem of missing methods/functions for various controls. Most of below is just me speaking outloud, and does not offer direct solutions. With a bit of luck it may spark a bit of debate. I apologise in advance if this is just a boring monologue:)
To me the general development process seems quite "selfish"  -  i.e., things go into the build that is required for the individual developers project. Using myself as an example, I needed the AddImageList method for the tab strip control, and with a bit of tinkering and struggle I got it working (It went into the latest build, with Laurent graciously adding other missing tab strip methods). In my view, this process isn't a negative thing, but I can't help wondering if there is a better way of managing and dealing with missing methods/functions. As an example, we had a solution presented for setting the colour of the progress control and ideally this should be added as a method to the core.
I think part of the problem is that most of us on this list (including myself) are using Win32::GUI in an active project, so time and effort is devoted to our own needs and not on gui. So, solutions such as identifying all missing methods/functions, and dishing out the work in a proactive major, can only work if people have the time and inclination to do the work. It would also need someone to own, manage and control that aspect of the development project. I suspect that the hardcore hackers/developers have time constraints and other commitments that would preclude them for getting involved (?).
The only solution I can think of is for more developers to get involved - perhaps some of you reading this list?:) Although, in my view, the key is for someone to manage and own. Anyone fancy the job?:) Perhaps other developers can be brought in through sourceforge (through the "help" wanted feature)?
Thoughts? Comments?
"selfish" jez :)
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If corrections have enabled to put hooks, it's the good reason to make new PPM release of the module ;) Have you such plan?
I had failure of all attempts when compiled a package with corrections from CVS Repository :(