I have tried fork(), threads, Thread - none of them work.
So far opening a pipe for reading open (CM,"gpresult |" ) and system() function proved to work in uncompiled script. The latter is quite interesting since it does a hidden fork() for you.
All what I am trying to achieve is running findfile  animation to spice up users' passtime while shell utilities running on the background.
Modules used in this script are Win32::OLE, Win32::GUI::Loft, Win32();
A working example of the multi-thread implementation in the GUI script would be much appreciated.
Thank you,
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Im surprised that this works at all, even as a script.  Id expect the animation to hang, because the script is stopped waiting for your gpresult program to run.


You may want to consider running gpresult in a separate thread.


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After compiling Win32::GUI script with PerlApp PDK 6.0.2 and running it as EXE  Animation control freezes while fork() or system() are executed on the background to run CPU-intensive processes.

However, uncompiled .PL script runs fine - AVI file is being played OK.

Does anybody have a workaround ? or had a similar issue?


code looks similar to this:


sub btn_Start_Click {






sub runsomething {

open CH, "gpresult |";

while (<CH>) {

#do something...;


 # or :


close CH;



As mentioned above, perl runs just fine, though child process utilizes up to 99% of CPU time.

I have tried DoEvents() with no effect whatsoever.


Thank you,


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