Here is the code. It's messy, but commented ...
use Win32::GUI;
#($DOS) = Win32::GUI::GetPerlWindow();
# Win32::GUI::Hide($DOS);
# this is basically a test to learn Win32::GUI
my $Toolbar=Win32::GUI::Window->new(
     -title=>"PERL ToolBar",
# launcher button on main bar
my $launcher=$Toolbar->AddButton(

#launch the launcher panel and create panel as separate window
#this is where I can type a command in and run it directly from <STDIN>
 sub launcher_Click{
   my $Launcher=Win32::GUI::Window->new( 

   my $textfield=$Launcher->AddTextfield(
#run button on launcher window
   my $runButton-$Launcher->AddButton(
# this executes the user input of $textfield
    sub runbutton_Click{
my $NotePadButton=$Toolbar->AddButton(
  sub notepad_Click{
#exit the program. This is a test to figure out how to keep the
#toolbar floating without exiting on button_Click.

my $ExitButton=$Toolbar->AddButton(
     -text=>'Exit Toolbar',
   sub Exit_Click {

# commented this out trying to troubleshoot
#  sub Toolbar_Terminate{
#   -1;
#  }
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Do you have the Win::GUI::Dialog(); statement in there?
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Subject: [perl-win32-gui-users] keeping a window open

Ok, it may be that I have hacking at my script so long I am cross-eyed, but it is too much fun to stop now. I figured the best way to learn the Win32::GUI was to write a cool little toolbar with a couple of my most used apps on it. It floats and brings up my apps like it should, but it closes after I click the button for the app. How do I keep the script open until I exit it manually?
I have an exit button but for the life of me I can't figure out how to tell it
    unless I click EXIT, stay open.
I will kick myself in advance in case this is a basic perl coding issue and not a Win32gui issue.