Hi.  I'm working on a document scanning and archive system.  Documents come off the scanner as 1-bit (black and white) 600 DPI TIFF files.  Until recently I was converting these to JPG.  Then I display the image to the user, to verify they didn't include extra space or chop anything off, then the user can upload it to the server.
Previously I had a routine that would take the tiff file, convert it to a JPG, then open it in a DIBitmap, rescale it there to fit the screen (leaving the original file intact) and then convert to bitmap to display it.  Now we'd like to keep the image in TIFF format all the way to the server, for quality reasons.  However, when I try open and resize the TIFF with DIBitmap I get a solid black box where the image should be.  I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what.  I'll include the relevant code below.  Please ignore the part with Image::Magic doing the JPG conversion... I left it in so you can see what I WAS doing, and what I am now doing...
I'm wondering if I am doing something wrong, or am missing a piece of software.  But the JPG resize was working perfectly.  I'd appreciate any insight into this very much.
 # Log the event and convert to JPG
 log_event("Verifying the Image");
 $image = Image::Magick->new;
 $x = $image->Read("C:\\tmp.tiff");
 log_event("Return from ImageMagick->Read: $x");
 $p = $image->Append(stack=>true);
 log_event("Return from ImageMagick->Append: $p");
 $imgmgkres = $scanquality."X".$scanquality;
 $x = $p->Write("C:\\tmp.JPG");
 log_event("Return from ImageMagick->Write: $x\tQuality: $jpgquality");
 undef $image;
 undef $p;
 # Open the file in a DIBitmap for display
 $dib = newFromFile Win32::GUI::DIBitmap('C:\\tmp.tiff');
 $heightimg = $dib->GetHeight();
 $widthimg = $dib->GetWidth();
 $wmax = 750; $hmax=700;
 $hratio = $heightimg/$hmax;
 $wratio = $widthimg/$wmax;
 # If image needs to be resized, resize it.
 if( $hratio> $wratio && $hratio > 1)
 { $dispdib = $dib -> Rescale($widthimg/$hratio, $hmax);
  $imgwid=$widthimg/$hratio; $imglen=$hmax;}
 elsif( $wratio>=$hratio && $wratio > 1)
 { $dispdib = $dib -> Rescale($wmax, $heightimg/$wratio);
  $imgwid=$wmax, $imglen=$heightimg/$wratio;}
 else {$dispdib = $dib; $imgwid=$widthimg; $imglen=$heightimg;}
 $hbitmap = $dispdib->ConvertToBitmap();
 undef $dib;
 undef $dispdib;
 # Set the label and move it to center it in the space allocated.
 $imglbl->Move(($wmax-$imgwid)/2, ($hmax-$imglen)/2);
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