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Alive and Kicking with VCI

Going to port CA Harvest functionality over to the CPAN VCI project maintained by Max Alexander-Kanat.

I am also in love with Git, so independent development I do will be using that tool and some Git repository somewhere, not here. I may retain this site for posting distributions.

Posted by Sean Blanton 2008-10-16

Still alive...

Well, there is new life for the time being as part of OpenMake Software. Ray is checking on legal for this...

This project has been moved forward through proprietary means and the progress needs to be re-written and incorporated back into perl-scm...

Posted by Sean Blanton 2007-08-05

Perl SCM Open for Business

The Perl SCM Adapator project has been started. The first step for the administrator, yours truly, is to figure out how to work all these wonderful SourceForge resources. Then, the first template perl modules will be uploaded.

These modules will be designed to provide a reusable code base to wrapper command line or API calls of various tools that are commonly used as part of a software configuration management system.... read more

Posted by Sean Blanton 2006-03-27