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#1 SF can't find

Pedro Santelmo

I am starting with Perl. And I am trying to change all my
PHP scripts in SF into Perl ones.
One of my main interest comes from this great PM.
I have written a script that uses XML::RSS to generate
all the possible RSS versions. Plus some addings with
HTML::Template to generate .OPML files, and other out
of standard like .KLIP food.
I have tested this script at my local server with great
success! But when I try it at my SF's site
( an error declares that it is
not able to find the at any library.
That is not true. I have scaned the libraries and have
found it.
I don't know what has changed at my site, but since
these recent troubles at SF a couple of month ago, I am
not able to find my log files , or a working cron file.
I have asked at the foundries with no result. Filled other
forms with a similar result.
I need the cron file for starting my new script every
night to generate the news files.
But yet, I don't have any clue of how to start solving
my problem. Perhaps, you could give me some more info
related to your knowledge of others that share my
The only error message that I got says that
XML::RSS.PM is not found at any library.
Please, if you are able to help me, I would apreciate. I
was thinking of adding near my news files a GIF ad
saying that the news are generated with XML::RSS.PM
and a link to your How Tos.
Please, TIA!


  • Pedro Santelmo
    Pedro Santelmo

    this is the script that I can't run at my site

  • Pedro Santelmo
    Pedro Santelmo

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