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Update 2

I realise that it's been some time since my last update, and I apologise for the excessive delay, it was due to circumstances beyond my control. I will provide the update before the end of the month. I also realised that people complained about the lack of the source code. Should anyone require the old code, please email me, and I will provide them (no questions asked). People who contributed source code to the project (The boot loader for example, please contact me a.s.a.p. There are some details that I need to clear up. Also, please drop me a line as for possible features. All comments welcome.... read more

Posted by Rupert Otto 2009-10-13


For those who were monitoring this project, it is under active development again. I intent to take the next few days to review the current code, and see where I stand. I am open to suggestions for any that wish to help with the development. As for the PCrt unit, I am aware that it is missing. Fortunately it is not difficult to implement it. More updates will be provided as, and when I get time.

Thanks for your patience.

Posted by Rupert Otto 2009-06-18

Developers Wanted

For writing low level filesystem, memory manager.
Languages: Turbo Pascal 7.0 and Assembly
Filesystem: DOS Fat 12/16/32 and/or Ext2 Linux

Posted by Fernando Perez 2005-04-12

Boot Loader

Changed load image address in boot loader, do not use earlier versions of the bootloader... heap manager works only in perix version 0.01E

Posted by Fernando Perez 2005-03-18

Heap Manager

Resolved heap manager pointers, now you can make getmem, freemem, new and dispose calls.

Posted by Fernando Perez 2005-03-18

Data Compression

Added Fast/High performance data compression library

Posted by Fernando Perez 2005-03-08

Parallel Port

Added Parallel Port support, polled method

Posted by Fernando Perez 2005-02-26

Fat 12

Added fat 12 basic suport for display files

Posted by Fernando Perez 2005-02-26

Multi Tasking

Multi Tasking is running in conjunction with protected mode. This feature will be delivered in the next release.

Posted by Fernando Perez 2005-02-16

Protected Mode

The Protected Mode is running and will be delivered in the next release.

Posted by Fernando Perez 2005-02-16