PerfSuite/POINT/VI-HPS Tutorial at SC '10

PerfSuite will be participating in a full-day tutorial to be presented at this year's Supercomputing conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. The title of the tutorial is "Hands-On Practical Performance Engineering Using PAPI, PerfSuite, Scalasca, Vampir, and TAU".

Attendees will receive a bootable LiveDVD or LiveUSB that contains pre-installed versions of all the software covered in the tutorial and much more software of interest to HPC users. This LiveDVD will be used to drive hands-on sessions during the tutorial and can be used afterwards at your home institutions.

The tutorial will take place on Monday, November 15th, 2010. Further details can be found at:

Registration is now open for SC10:

Posted by Rick Kufrin 2010-09-14