I wanted to try pfmon 3.9 on a IBM QS22 blade.
In order to compile it properly I had to add/modify the following + marked
lines in 

pfmon/pfmon_utils_cell.c: (function pfmon_get_dlopen_hook)

add:        unsigned int version;

change line 205:
from    vbprintf("[%d] dlopen hook on %s\n", sdesc->pid, sdesc->new_cmdline);
to            vbprintf("[%d] dlopen hook on %s\n", sdesc->pid, sdesc->cmd);

change line 210:
from   ret = find_sym_addr("_r_debug", options.primary_syms, PFMON_DATA_SYMBOL, &start, NULL);
to             ret = find_sym_addr("_r_debug", version, sdesc->syms, &start, NULL);


Daniele Spampinato