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Enable translating of libpfm4 user/kernel/hypervisor modifiers to raw event code syntax

If a user specifies an event code with ":u=<n>", ":k=<n>", or
":h=<n>" modifiers, evt2raw will now output a raw event code
which is compatible with "perf stat" and "perf record". For
example, it will translate:




Without this change, the u,k, and h modifiers are simply dropped
silently by evt2raw.

Note that in order for this to work correctly, I had to change
the default privilege mask to add hypervisor mode.

Signed-off-by: Corey Ashford <>

Corey Ashford Corey Ashford 2011-05-10

Stephane Eranian Stephane Eranian 2011-05-10

changed perf_examples/evt2raw.c
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