#17 Can I have 2:2 scaling please?


I mean, instead of just 1:1, which only looks big enough
at 320x240 really. I prefer exact pixels. But 1:1 is really
not so convenient.

Another thing is weird resolutions, such as Capcom
fighters (MSH vs SF for example). It's 384x224, which is
a pain for getting exact pixels with proper ratios (these
pixels ain't square). The only mode that can do that
acceptably is 848x480 (on a 4:3 monitor) with 2:2 scale,
which I use in other emulators for Capcom games. It
would be really nice to have that option on Playstation
emulators too.

Thank you.
Tak Wu
(you can find me as takwu on emuforums.com)


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    I second this, though I would be happy with a "preserve
    aspect ratio" checkbox like the hardware GPU's. But that's
    just MHO. :)

    From a quick browse through the code, it looks like all that
    needs to be done is to copy some of the math from
    NoStretchedBlitEx() into the StretchedBlit2x() and/or
    NoStretchedBlit2x() functions in draw.c, but I may be wrong.
    I may look into providing a patch to implement that if I
    ever find some time to truly sit down and figure out what
    exactly is going on in these functions, but anyone else is
    invited to preempt me... ;)

    Any chance of getting confirmation from one of the
    developers that this is the right path to take? If not,
    where should I look?