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PenguinTV RSS Reader 3.4 released

PenguinTV has released unstable version 3.4, with tons of new features and refinements. Many of the changes are based on user feedback and testing, meaning PenguinTV is now easier to use and prettier to look at. Feed searching with context highlighting also makes a triumphant return, backed by the powerful Xapian library.

And, if you've been looking for a better RSS reader for your Nokia Internet Tablet (OS2008) then you'll want to check out the Maemo version of PenguinTV. It has most of the same features as the desktop version, with a streamlined interface to take advantage of the tablet's screen. (Note: This port is still experimental and should be used with caution.)

Posted by Owen Williams 2008-01-22

PenguinTV 3.0 Released

The latest stable version of PenguinTV, seven months in the making, has been released. It contains an integrated media player based on gstreamer, media synchronization, tag-based feed organization, and support for Apple itunes podcast links. It is also much faster and better able to cope with large numbers of feeds.

Posted by Owen Williams 2007-05-30

PenguinTV 2.94 Released

PenguinTV is well on its way to 3.0. This version actually adds a couple features which I think deserve to be included. Among these are proper detection of proxy servers, correct support for ftp downloads, and recognition of podcast links.

Posted by Owen Williams 2007-05-05

PenguinTV RSS reader version 2.91 Released

PenguinTV 2.91 is out, edging ever closer to 3.0. I've fixed some more bugs and fixed some packaging and runtime checks that were broken. This may be my last release before 3.0.

Posted by Owen Williams 2007-04-26

PenguinTV 2.90 Released

This is the first prerelease of PenguinTV 3.0 and represents all the new features that will be in PenguinTV since 2.0. That's a lot of features. New since 2.85 is a tray icon with notifications (tag your feeds with 'notify' to find out the moment they update), a much better tag editor, and much more reliable mozilla support.

Posted by Owen Williams 2007-04-13

PenguinTV 2.85 released -- with packages!

Thanks to Teemu's excellent python / debian packaging tutorial and Python's RPM docs I was finally able to create packages that work (for me) on Ubuntu Dapper, Ubuntu Edgy, and Fedora Core 6. All the necessary mozilla workarounds have been applied so they should Just Work instead of crashing and burning.

Please let me know if there are any issues with these packages.

Posted by Owen Williams 2007-02-10

PenguinTV 2.0 Released

PenguinTV has officially released version 2.0, the culmination of 8 months of development on this media-rich RSS reader for GNOME. With features like Bit Torrent support, automatic feed URL finding, and invisible file management, PenguinTV is great for people who are just discovering RSS, podcasts, and vidcasts. For power users with hundreds of feeds, PenguinTV has features like tagging, smart auto-polling, and performance-enhancing caches to tackle anything you can throw at it.

Posted by Owen Williams 2006-08-18