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Pegasus Services and IRCD / News: Recent posts

Something from my early days.

Rexxserv is something I enjoyed using alot on the Amiga platform, i've posted it here for all to see. Pegaserv an updated version will soon to be complied to C+ for Pegasusircd and other ircds alike.

Posted by keith capel 2002-08-11

Starting point: Day 1

With all projects, goes alot of planning. I will be asking alot of Questions about what you the user, would like to see in a good ircd server. I`m very open to other peoples ideas. so email me:)
keith@ukscifi.net (irc.ukscifi.net)
tomorrow i`ll be working on, tidying up the website, setting up shells, so I can get down to coding.. sometime of next week.

Posted by keith capel 2002-08-02