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SRV Lookup

  • dose

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to register to my sipxecs server but I can't, it looks that your application doesn't support SRV lookup, can't you confirm  me it please?

    Best Regards

  • hi,

    that's right, unfortunately, peers does not support srv lookup. Sorry for late answer, I'm just back from vacation.

    You can add a feature request if you want. This would require modifications on default jre dns stack. I know there's a java library that can send / receive custom dns requests, but I can't remember its name. Google would probably help on this…

  • Rick van Rein
    Rick van Rein


    The library you are talking about almost certainly is dnsjava

    I also ran into the problem of missing SRV records, and was actually surprised to run into it; given that SOHO routers bluntly take hold of port 5060 and turn it into something locked-down and useless, life without SRV records is a bit hard to handle for many of us.

    RFC 3263 prescribes SRV records for SIP URIs without a port number.

  • Rick van Rein
    Rick van Rein

    I dived in and got SRV records working with a minimal patch. This does incorporate a dependency on dnsjava though, a 200 kB JAR. The JAR includes a lot more than is actually needed, it should be straightforward to trim it to SIP Peers' purposes at about 50 kB.

    After downloading version 2.1.3 from http://www.xbill.org/dnsjava/ you can install it with Maven using

    mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=org.xbill.DNS -DartifactId=dnsjava -Dversion=2.1.3 -Dfile=/path/to/dnsjava-2.1.3.jar -Dpackaging=jar

    If I had it my way, I would actually prefer to change SIP Peers to iterate over multiple offers (at the SRV level and at the A/AAAA level) so it has all chances possible to reach a remote party. This would also be helpful when supporting IPv6 aside IPv4, of course, which is what I am hoping to achieve.

    I hope this is useful.


    Last edit: Rick van Rein 2012-12-13