PeerGuardian OS X and OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)

  • friggin

    To share my experience with PG OS X and Mountain Lion 10.8.3:

    1.7b2 as well as 1.7b1 are not working for me:
    - The application does not seem to block anything. Pages that should be blocked are accesible. The Log and the Statistics window don't show any blocks or permitted connections.
    - List update does not work, produces error message (tested with Bluetack Level 1).
    - Disable Filters does not work, error message.

    BUT PG OS X 1.6b (the one I have been using until OS X 10.6.8) seems to work just fine. Apart from the known wobbly behaviour, I was able to:
    - Make a new list item and update
    - Find IPs blocked/unaccessible in my browser
    - Find the blocks and permitted connections logged in the Log and Statistics window
    - Disable PG via the "Disable Filters" menu item.

    It all seems fine to me, so please comment if you have a different experience.

  • jre-phoenix

    Thanks for your feedback. I've linked to this thread in the README on the download page.
    As always, feedback and especially new contributors/developers are welcome - currently there is no one working on PG OSX-