#275 Reproducable gui crash

List Editor (7)

crashes with both stable + alpha

Click List Manager.
Click Open List (a list file on my local hard drive).
Click Add.
Type "asdf".
Hit ESC key 3 times.
Focus starting ip so that you can edit it.
Focus range so that you can edit it.
Remove "asdf" from the range field then Hit ESC.
(you will now have starting ip focused so that you can edit it)
Hit esc one more time and you will crash.
(if for some reason it doesn't focus on starting ip try again)

old instructions:

Somewhat reproducible crash

Click List Manager
Click Open List (a list file on my local hard drive)

Using "Click Add", "Hit ESC key", and an empty "range" field multiple times in a certain random order with some other normal stuff and you'll get it to crash (takes me 1 min)

you will eventually end up in a situation where range is empty, and it allows you to enter in the starting ip, the second starting ip loses focus it crashes


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