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Full version + dependencies file release

I uploaded a zip file which contains everything in the project. Source, docs, binaries and all dependencies. It is a bit bulky, but I think it will make life a little easier.

Posted by dvanrensburg 2006-04-04

Invalid file in release

I only now realised that the war file of the last release is invalid and I deleted it from the release.

I will upload a new war ASAP and add it to the release.

Posted by dvanrensburg 2006-02-21

Version 1.0 released

Getting this release uploaded took a while mainly as a result of me not having an internet connection for a while.

We had some trouble releasing the latest source into CVS but added a zip file with the source to the release.

We will be updating CVS as soon as possible.

Posted by dvanrensburg 2006-02-07

Version 1.0 coming soon

Version 1.0 will be available for download soon. I just have to finalise documentation and then upload the files to CVS. Here is the most important changes between 0.2 and 1.0

New features
Automatic email notification
Generic Reporting functionality
Extra data stored for a review
New search fields on search form

Changes to review
Added review summary to the edit review screen.... read more

Posted by dvanrensburg 2005-09-26

Version 0.2 released

A new release is available for CRS. The file size of this release was reduced by removing most of the files that can be downloaded from somewhere else and the dataset component used to translate data into value objects can now be downloaded seperately.

This release added admin functionality around a review by allowing a review to be deleted and edited. The adding of comments work as before except that the rich text editor used now supports Mozilla too. ... read more

Posted by dvanrensburg 2005-08-15

up and coming release

I will upload an alpha version soon. Just sorting out packaging details. I am aiming to upload files by 2005-07-01

Posted by dvanrensburg 2005-05-11