PearPC still alive & active?

  • Evert Meulie
    Evert Meulie

    Hi all!

    I am getting the impression that the PearPC project is no longer being actively developed. At least not as much as it used to be...

    Will there ever be a version 0.5?


    • BaldwinTM

      I hope so, but it doesn't appear to be...
      I have been very interested on getting Mac OSX to run on an x86 machine.
      I don't want to go out an spend lots of $$$ for a mac, if I end up not liking the environment...


  • Anonymous

    Well for those wanting Mac OS X Bliss on x86 hardware….thoset people should visit This site is full of ACTIVE support for the ongoing Hackintosh community.

  • Evil Mind
    Evil Mind

    It is too bad to see that PearPC is a dead project. I still have on wish list a way to run some PPC MacOS X software version for testing.

    On my PearPC wish list I have:

    - Use VirtualPC configuration file XML structure to recreate the image configuration files for PearPC.
    - Integrate PearPC with VirtualPC. Use all the VirtualPC GUI to build PearPC over it.
    - Support for AIX

    too bad the project it is not supported anymore.

    MacOX 10.6 for Intel is running fine under VMWare on a PC with i3/i5/i7 processor, so I guess that's why we don't see too much for PearPC this days.

  • Evil Mind
    Evil Mind

    oops.. sorry I mean VirtualBox instead of VirtualPC…. Virtualbox is open source.. VirtualPC is from MS, it is not open, just sucks.