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#258 PearPC crashes when mouse leaves window


when running under linux and moving the mouse out of the pearpc-window-area, the mouse does not recover when moving back in, but continues printing
[IO/CUDA] <Warning> Event processing timed out. Event dropped.
on the console


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    I've encountered virtually the same bug in pearpc 0.4 under Windows XP. Running OSX 10.2.

    To reproduce:
    1. Start pearpc, osx, open a Terminal window to type into.
    2. Press alt-enter to go to full screen.
    3. Press alt-enter to restore window mode.
    4. Type something in the Terminal window (don't click).
    5. Click another PC window and do something else. (Move the pearpc window aside somewhere.)
    6. Clik inside the pearpc window again. Maybe try typing.
    7. Now Pearpc is frozen.

    I'm not certain which steps are required or not required; those steps show the problem for me. And sometimes it comes back after a while, sometimes will seem to have a stuck key or something. But I haven't seen it operable after this.

    And yes, it reports "[IO/CUDA] <Warning> Event processing timed out. Event dropped."

    TO work around it, I have to make extensive use of Alt-Enter, ONLY work in full screen mode, and as soon as I window-ize (leave full screen), immediately minimize the window. Also never type without clicking and giving pearpc the mouse.