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Pretty Damn Quick Queueing Model Package / News: Recent posts

PDQ 5.0 Released

PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick) Release 5.0
Thursday, April 9, 2009
After more than 2 years (almost to the day), PDQ 5.0, is finally available.
See http://www.perfdynamics.com/Tools/PDQcode.html for more details. ... read more

Posted by Neil Gunther 2009-04-12

Construction begins

We are in the process of moving 'Pretty Damn Quick' dev to this SourceForge site. Please watch out for falling objects (which may appear further away than they really are). In the meantime, PDQ can still be downloaded from http://www.perfdynamics.com/Tools/PDQcode.html. Stay tuned!

Posted by Neil Gunther 2007-09-22