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PDMWorksBatchExport / News: Recent posts

RC1 Released

It's a big jump from Beta0 to RC1, but the code has gone through a complete remodeling, and now I'm confident that it will work correctly.
I've decided to separate source from executables, because the final user doesn't have to deal with all the extra files just to test the tool.
Feedback is welcome regarding the install, and the code!
Next step will be a GUI for the application's configuration.
Also new requests are welcome anytime.

Posted by Rui Santos 2009-06-05

Beta0 Released

There is still much work to be done, specially concerning e-Drawings and CSV export, but the main code is already available.
Code is being rewritten over and over, mainly for stability reasons at this stage.
Check-in regulary and see the updates!

Posted by Rui Santos 2009-05-26