Derek Lamb

Startup script for perldl -- make sure AutoLoader and all that stuff

# is switched on.


use PDL::Graphics::PGPLOT;
use PDL::Graphics::PGPLOT::Window;
use PDL::AutoLoader;
use PDL::Image2D;
use PDL::FFT;
use PDL::DiskCache;
eval 'use PDL::IO::Dumper';

# Make sure some things are lvalues
sub PDL::diagonal : lvalue;
sub PDL::slice(;@): lvalue;
sub PDL::dice     : lvalue;
sub PDL::dice_axis: lvalue;
sub PDL::index(;@): lvalue;
sub PDL::index2d(;@)  : lvalue;
sub PDL::mslice   : lvalue;

$PDL::AutoLoader::Rescan = 1;

1; # Successful completion


Wiki: The_PDL_environment