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use PDL::HDF5;
use PDL::HDF5::Group;

print "1..5\n";  

my $testNo = 1;

# New File Check:
my $filename = "newFile.hd5";
# get rid of filename if it already exists
unlink $filename if( -e $filename);

my $hdfobj;
ok($testNo++,$hdfobj = new PDL::HDF5("newFile.hd5"));

my $group = new PDL::HDF5::Group( 'name'=> '/dude', filename => "newFile.hd5",
					fileID => $hdfobj->{fileID});
# Set attribute for group
ok($testNo++, $group->attrSet( 'attr1' => 'dudeman', 'attr2' => 'What??'));

# Try Setting attr for an existing attr
ok($testNo++,$group->attrSet( 'attr1' => 'dudeman23'));

# Add a attribute and then delete it
ok($testNo++, $group->attrSet( 'dummyAttr' => 'dummyman', 
				'dummyAttr2' => 'dummyman'));
ok($testNo++, $group->attrDel( 'dummyAttr', 'dummyAttr2' ));


print "completed\n";

#  Testing utility functions:
sub ok {
        my $no = shift ;
        my $result = shift ;
        print "not " unless $result ;
        print "ok $no\n" ;