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Fix many POD errors in *.pd files

The site processes distribution
files for POD to generate their on-line docs. Our PP
files actually generate the final POD in the corresponding
PM files. However, the POD constructs are detected and
processed in the .pd files anyway.

I ran podchecker on all the .pd files in the PDL
source tree and fixed almost all of the errors
(mainly =cut and =back without a surrounding blank
line). Although the PP generators would produce
valid POD in the final PM output, adding the extra
newlines in the .pd file makes the
processing work (better).

The remaining POD errors that were not fixed were
from unresolved local links that would be resolved
by the generated POD. With luck the
conversion won't complain too much (although there
would be dead link in the page).

Chris Marshall Chris Marshall 2011-02-13

changed fftw.pd
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