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#29 add ignore Known_problems to build options

Chris Marshall

To improve development, I would like to see bug reports
accompanied by new tests in PDL/t as much as possible.
However, that results in failed builds by default until the
bugs are fixed.

I propose an option (environment variable and/or command
line flag) that would skip tests corresponding to ones in the
Known_problems list. That would allow the default to be
testing for the problems but enable easy full builds and
installs of development versions without manual intervention.


  • David Mertens
    David Mertens

    Or, you could just require such tests to be marked as TODO instead of actual tests. Maybe I should do that with the failing FlexRaw tests...

  • Chris Marshall
    Chris Marshall

    Setting the SKIP_KNOWN_PROBLEMS environment variable
    before running tests can be used to signal PDL tests in the
    suite corresponding to bugs in Known_problems. Nothing
    is automated but the skips are in place for the relevant tests
    in the PDL git development code.

    Eventually, we could organize this better and even extract the
    Known_problems tests from the file or An easy way
    to add support for these cases would be nice. We'll use a
    manual approach in the meantime with documentation to users
    and developers about the goal of having a test for every bug
    report ticket on

  • Chris Marshall
    Chris Marshall

    • status: open --> pending
  • Chris Marshall
    Chris Marshall

    • status: pending --> closed
  • Chris Marshall
    Chris Marshall

    Hmm, setting the problems as TODO would be a partial solution. However, it is not explicit enough that it is a "Known Problem" as on with a bug report and all. I think it is important that tests fail when things are broken. TODO means that the tests don't fail so you never actually have a hard pass/fail condition.