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|                        PDL Module Dependencies                            | 

This file lists dependencies of PDL modules on external programs
or libraries.  Some of the modules will build ok without the
external software but in general are not very useful without it.
Others require certain libraries/include files to be installed.

See INSTALL on hints how to enable/disable building of some modules
in the distribution if required.

The easiest way to resolve dependencies on other Perl modules is
to use the CPAN module to install PDL. Installation should be as
simple as

  cpan install PDL   # if the cpan script is in your path

or if you don't have the cpan script try

  perl -MCPAN -e shell
  cpan> install PDL

|    MODULE      |     DEPENDS ON      |             COMMENT                 |

PDL (all)         perl >= 5.8.x           PDL requires at least this version
                                          of perl to build and run.

                  File::Spec  >= 0.6      perl5 core module.
                  File::Temp  >= 0        perl5 core module.
                  Pod::Parser >= 0        perl5 core module.
                  Pod::Select >= 0        perl5 core module.

                  ExtUtils::MakeMaker >= 6.31

		                          This version of EU::MM is the first
					  with support for INSTALL_BASE for
					  non-system install locations.  If
					  you edit the top level Makefile.PL
					  and change the 6.31 to 0 in two
					  spots, you can build with older
					  versions---not recommended.

PDL::NiceSlice    Text::Balanced >= 1.89  A nicer way to index piddles.

                  Filter::Simple          Required for new PDL::NiceSlice
                  Module::Compile         implementation under development.

Inline::Pdlpp     Inline >= 0.43          This module allows to define fast
                                          PP code inline in your scripts.

                                          NOTE: Though Inline is listed as as
					  PDL prerequisite for CPAN, you can
                                          build PDL manually without it.

PDL::ParallelCPU  pthreads library        Multi-CPU support will be enabled
                                          if libpthreads is detected and
                                          built against.  A pthreads for
					  win32 can be found at

PDL::IO::Dumper   Data::Dumper >= 2.121
                  Convert::UU             Convert::UU is required.

                  uuencode/uudecode       (Optional) Better performance on
                                          unix flavor platforms!  They will
                                          be used instead of Convert::UU
                                          if detected.

PDL::IO::Storable Storable >=1.03

pdl2   (shell)    Devel::REPL >= 1.003011
                  and Term::ReadLine::Perl    
                  or Term::ReadLine::Gnu 
					  Devel::REPL requires Data::Dump::Streamer
					  to support pdl2.  This may need to be
					  hand-installed if you are doing a manual
					  PDL build.

perldl (shell)    Term::ReadLine::Perl    
                  or Term::ReadLine::Gnu 

                                          pdl2 (and perldl) will be installed
                                          by default.  If Devel::REPL is not
                                          installed, pdl2 uses perldl.  The
                                          same thing if a Term::ReadLine::Perl
                                          or Term::ReadLine::Gnu is not installed.

                  A PDL interface to the PROJ4 geographic projection
                  library and the PDL::Transform interface to PROJ4.
                  See http://trac.osgeo.org/proj/

                                          Module will be built if the PROJ4
                                          library is installed and detected.

                  Requires the perl OpenGL module be installed.
		  See the POGL_VERSION entry in perldl.conf for
		  the minimum required version.

                  Perl OpenGL requires you have the OpenGL graphics
                  library and FreeGLUT (Apple GLUT on Mac OS X)

                                          PDL::Graphics::TriD will be
                                          built if Perl OpenGL is detected
					  and of version greater than the
					  POGL_VERSION in perldl.conf.

                                          To disable the build, edit
                                          perldl.conf and set WITH_3D => 0.

                  Requires both the PGPLOT perl module **and**
                  the PGPLOT fortran library.  See
                  http://astro.caltech.edu/~tjp/pgplot for the
                  library and
                  for the perl module (on CPAN).
                  NOTE: These are two separate items to be installed.
                                          PDL::Graphics::PGPLOT Module
                                          builds ok without PGPLOT module
                                          and library.

                  The PLplot graphics library.
                  See http://plplot.sourceforge.net 

                                          Module will be built if the
                                          PLplot library is detected.

                  To be useful an application that supports
                  the 'IIS' protocol must be installed, e.g.
                  SAOimage or Ximtool, see

                                          PDL::Graphics::IIS  builds
                                          without viewers.

PDL::GSL modules
                  Needs the GSL (Gnu Scientific Library) to
                  build.  Version >= 1.0 is required
                  See http://www.gnu.org/software/gsl/

                                          Will not be built unless
                                          an appropriate GSL version
                                          is installed and detected.

                  Requires a 'curses'-compatible library.
		  You'll need to enable in perldl.conf if you
		  wish to try the new configure and build,
		  no guarantees...

                                          Not built by default.

                  Memory-mapped file IO functions (mapfraw
		  and mapflex) require File::Map 0.47 or
		  higher.  (Systems with POSIX mmap routines
		  will work without File::Map but it is
		  expected that the less-flexible, legacy
		  implementation will be deprecated)

                                          Built by default if File::Map
					  or mmap dependencies are met.

PDL::IO::FITS     Needs Astro::FITS::Header for full support
                  of all FITS header features.  Will build ok,
                  and run, without it but for given that
                  Astro::FITS::Header is a Perl only module, you
                  should install it unless you specifically need not.

                  NOTE: It is currently listed as an official
                  prerequisite module for the purposes of building
                  with the cpan shell.

PDL::IO::GD       PDL interface to the GD image library.
                  See http://www.libgd.org
                                          Will not be built unless
                                          libgd is already installed
                                          and detected.

PDL::IO::HDF      PDL interface to HDF4 library.  See
                  PDL::IO::HDF5 on CPAN for HDF5 bindings.
                  Not all HDF4 types are supported.
                  See http://www.hdfgroup.org/products/hdf4/

                                          Will not be built unless the
                                          HDF4 libraries are detected.

PDL::IO::Pic      rpic/wpic: NetPBM converters
                  See http://netpbm.sourceforge.net/

                  wmpeg: requires the ffmpeg program
                  See http://ffmpeg.org/

                                          Module builds ok without
                                          converters.  Recommend at
                                          least version 10.58.00 of

PDL::Minuit       PDL interface to Minuit minimization routines in
                  the CERN library,
                  The Minuit library code is included.  A fortran compiler
                  is required and ExtUtils:F77 (version >= 1.03).

                                          Will not be built unless
                                          ExtUtils::F77 is installed *and*
                                          supports your platform.

PDL::Slatec       Linear algebra routines.
                  Several other PDL modules use PDL::Slatec

                  Slatec fortran lib is included but
                  requires a fortran compiler and
                  ExtUtils::F77 (version >= 1.03).

                                          Will not be built unless
                                          ExtUtils::F77 is installed *and*
                                          supports your platform.