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ZOOM not working on Ubuntu, version 0.37

  • CamJ

    I have tested this now on several different installs of Ubuntu 8.10, the ZOOM function seems to do nothing.

    Ubuntu comes with pdftohtml version 0.37, and there seems to be no way to upgrade that to 0.39 which might solve the problem.

    I have tested pdftohtml 0.39 on windows and the ZOOM function works perfectly there.

    Any help for fixing this problem or upgrading the Ubuntu version would be greatly appreciated.

    • Ron

      Hi CamJ,
      it is not that difficult task to compile pdftohtml 0.39 yourself.

      Just download the source archive, extract by "tar xzf  pdftohtml-0.39.tar.gz" and change into the directory "pdftohtml-0.39". Then you have to edit the file "src/HtmlLinks.h" in the line number 22 with the text editor of your choice...;)

      Simply remove the "HtmlLink::" part in this line, the result looks like below:

      GBool isEqualDest(const HtmlLink& x) const;

      Save it, open a shell, change into the source directory and type "make" and enter. That's all.

      If you try your self-compiled version note that you have to call your version actually, not simply "pdftohtml blabla" but "/path/to/the/pdftothl-0.39/src/pdftohtml blahblah" ;D

      If you are happy with it you can override the binary by "sudo cp /path/to/the/pdftothl-0.39/src/pdftohtml /usr/bin/"