pdfripper makes money on pdftohtml

  • seadiver

    just downloaded and tried the pdfripper of pdfpdf.com judging on its output it is just a frontend with some older version of pdftohtml included.
    it does not appear to be either open source or to cite pdftohtml anywhere, but demands money for registration. looks like license violation to me.
    what do you think? Peter

    • It's output HTML (intermediate before CHM) looks suspiciously similar to sample page on this screen.
      Same page-size PNGs and "position" attributes.

      • Tyson Blair
        Tyson Blair

        Well, PowerCHM could be using pdftohtml Thay are using xpdf's code base. if thay are using pdftohtml then its modifyed enough that i could only find one function that was 100% the same as pdftohtml.

    • Mikhail Kruk
      Mikhail Kruk

      In the past when people approached me for the commercial pdftohtml licensing I always just deferred them to Derek (the author of Xpdf) and said that if they figure out the licensing deal with him they can use pdftohtml as well, because pdftohtml is 97% Derek's work.  So if somebody has Xpdf licensed they are most likely not in violation.