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  • M-C


    I think this is a wonderful utility.  I am sure I will use it and am sure I will recommend it... especially to my wife.  Great concept and I look forward to the direction it will go in.

    If you need help, please let me know.  I have a very very small project that I am working on here -- more as a learning tool as I venture into python and programming in general.  As I progress, I may be able to contribute to this project.

    Well, as to the subject of this email, the default menu location is not where I would expect to find it.  I recommend changing the location from "Graphics" to "Office"  because:

    a.  PDF is primarily a document viewer... yes, graphics can be part of documents, but its primary purpose is more of an Office application.
    b.  My PDF Viewer defaults to Office.  Consequently, I'd expect to find this tool in a location where the viewer would be.
    c.  My alternate location would be "Accessories", althought I think too many things end up there.

    I have made the change on my local machine's .desktop file, so not a huge issue, but still, as for usability, this is a minor but key point.  At least give a note on your installation / download page that it installs to the "Graphics" menu so it is easier to locate.


    • logari81


      thank you for taking time for these remarks. I've finally moved the menu entry to the category office.

      If you 'd like to help with the implementation of new features, you can just download the latest tar.gz and take a look at the TODO file. Just post here, that you've started working on one task and send a patch when you have something working. For the moment I see no need for setting up a version control system.

      Kind Regards


  • Berteh


    Thanks for this nice piece of software.
    Please apply the patch at on your .desktop file to enable PDF-Shuffle to be associated with pdf files (via file > open-with).


    Last edit: Berteh 2014-06-26