first of all thanks for this program, I've been waiting for ages for a tool like this!!

But I have a make problem... :-(

The problem is:

QOutputDevPixmap.cpp: In constructor ‘QOutputDevPixmap::QOutputDevPixmap(Guchar*)’:
QOutputDevPixmap.cpp:39: error: call of overloaded ‘QImage(int)’ is ambiguous
/usr/include/QtGui/qimage.h:95: note: candidates are: QImage::QImage(const char*, const char*)
/usr/include/QtGui/qimage.h:93: note: QImage::QImage(const QString&, const char*)
/usr/include/QtGui/qimage.h:91: note: QImage::QImage(const char* const*)
QOutputDevPixmap.cpp: In member function ‘virtual void QOutputDevPixmap::endPage()’:
QOutputDevPixmap.cpp:62: error: ‘class QImage’ has no member named ‘reset’
QOutputDevPixmap.cpp:78: error: ‘IgnoreEndian’ is not a member of ‘QImage’
make[2]: *** [QOutputDevPixmap.o] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/exchange/BUILD/pdfedit-0.2.3/src/kpdf-kde-3.3.2'
make[1]: *** [qoutputdevices] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving director

According to your documentation the QTDIR has to be set, it is set on my Suse 10.0 system like this

/BUILD/pdfedit-0.2.3> echo $QTDIR

Is there anything else I have to do? Qt4 is installed as well but usually thats not a problem.


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