On the topic of making pdf highlighting more user friendly, I was thinking if it is possible to have a tool to draw HORIZONTAL lines. As pointed out below, background highlighting is not suitable for this purpose due to the internals of text structure. That leaves underlining. There are two tools that can draw a line in the current version. One is the line tool. It is not very easy to have a line that is always horizontal. Alternatively, I've been using the draw box tool. You make the height of the box 1 or 2 pixels and it looks like a line. It is always horizontal but not easy to have consistent thickness.

Also, it would be useful to have the box tool draw only the border and not color the inside. This can also be useful for annotation.

Lastly, is there a  way to change the default color? It is black in my version.

Great works,


On 9/3/07, Michal Hocko <mstsxfx@gmail.com> wrote:
On Mon, Sep 03, 2007 at 03:21:07PM +0200, Matthieu Stigler wrote:
> Hello


> I just use pdfedit to highlight and annotate my pdf documents,  pdfedit
> is really usefull and  I don't need to print so much paper! There are
> two  important functions which could be added, maybe I just don't know
> hot to use them?
> -Undo/cancel (ctrl+z) function: this would be so great and usefull. I
> always have to save every minute if I want to be able to come back

We were considering this feature during development, however it came out
that it would be to complex to accomplish it because of complexity of
the pdf internal data structures and their relations.
As you have mentioned, some kind of undo can be achieved via "Save as new
revision" function with revisions handling.
I don't think that this will change in near future, because there seems
to be much bigger problems to be solved at the moment (performance,
stability etc).

> -Partial highlight: I was not able to highlight only a part of a line,
> the whole line is in facts highlighted. Is there a way to do it?
> Otherwise this could be really usefull too!

This is inherent "problem" of the PDF document format which describes
text by text operators. A text is not organized into any lexical entities
according specification. Programs which creates pdf documents are absolutely
free in this direction. Sometimes you can find one text operator for
whole line, word or parts of different words.
Our highlight feature works upon text operators and it doesn't care
much about what is inside.

> -Is the documentation avalaible in a pdf format from the website?

Both user and design documentation are available in source package in
the doc directory (doc/user, doc/design - in docbook xml format)
This is the source for html pages available on http://pdfedit.petricek.net/
If you have fop installed on your box, also pdf files should be
generated (but I am not sure about current state, because we had some
problems with transformation to the pdf and I am still not able to
generate it on my installation - some exceptions from fop).

Best regards
Michal Hocko

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