On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 07:42:35PM +0100, Magyar B?lint wrote:
> Hello!

Sorry for late answer.

> It seems I have misunderstood what "Page Metrics" actually means. What I
> want to do is crop the PDF's pages to a specified size, preferably while
> being able to arrange the contents of the page too (I want to shave off
> more from the inner margins than the outer margins).

What do you mean by "arrange the contents of the page too"?
IIRC, Page Metrics specifies Media Box of the page. This means physical
geometry of the page.
> Is this possible with pdfedit? How?

See example:
I have done:
Edit page metrics
Left upper corner, x position (mm) set to 30
Right bottom corber, x position (mm) set to 200

Try to change revision to the older one and compare the difference.
Is this what you wanted?

> Balint

Michal Hocko

I understood how to crop a single page, but how can I apply the settings to all the pages in the document? If there's no GUI to do it, could somebody post a simple script to do the job?

I think such a feature would be very useful since around the net there are a lot of papers with little text at the center of the document and absurd unchangeable margins around - I really hate them

David Leoni