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Read Me

PDFedit readme

PDFedit is distributed under terms of GNU GPL in version 2.
See doc/LICENSE.GPL for full license text.
See doc/AUTHORS for full list of authors and contributors.
For other more detailed documentation, look into "doc" subdirectory.
File doc/user/user_doc.html contain more detailed installation instructions
(in the Installation section) and list of required libraries.

Make sure you have all needed libraries (qt3, boost and xlib) along with their 
You also need the environment variable QTDIR to be set to directory in which 
the Qt toolkit (version 3) is installed. Many distributions already set this 
when installing Qt, but some of them don't. In that case, you have to set the 
QTDIR manually. Usually it is set to something like /usr/qt/3 or /usr/share/qt3
(use e. g. export QTDIR=/usr/share/qt3 to set the variable if this is your 
Also, while usually not needed, QMAKESPEC may be set to match your system type.
For most systems it is unnecessary to set it, alhough it may be needed if you
crosscompile (like producing i386 binaries on amd64 platform) or in some rare
configurations. Once you set QTDIR, you may try typing "ls $QTDIR/mkspecs".
QMAKESPEC should be set to name of one of the directories that are in mkspecs
subdirectory in the Qt directory.
See http://www.digitalfanatics.org/projects/qt_tutorial/chapter04.html or 
http://doc.trolltech.com/3.0/qmake-guide.html for more information.


 Optionally you can specify prefix (default is /usr/local/) or other parameters.
 Run "./configure --help" to see list of possible configuration parameters.

 After configure successfully finishes, run "make" in this directory to start

 To install editor, run
  make install

 INSTALL_ROOT environment variable can be used to install into different
 root directory, which can be useful for example when creating packages
 or if installing into chroot jail.

  INSTALL_ROOT=/chroot/pdfedit make install

Cygwin build
PATH in cygwin must contain these three directories
/bin			(most required executables are stashed here)
/usr/X11R6/bin		(some libraries are here)
/usr/lib/qt3/bin	(qmake must be in PATH)

You can use cygwin_build.bat to start the build process
(you will need to set CYGWIN_ROOT in the file first)
This will create the package in /tmp/pdfedit-package
and create pack.bat to pack the package with 7-zip

FreeBSD build
Here is the short howto for PDFedit compilation and installation on FreeBSD 6.2 
(Qt 3.38, Xorg 7.2). Thanks to Hao Chen.

# untar current sources (this was done for 0.3.1 version)
tar zxvf pdfedit-0.3.1.tar.bz2
cd pdfedit-0.3.1
setenv QTDIR /usr/local
setenv QMAKESPEC /usr/local/share/qt/mkspecs/freebsd-g++
setenv LOCALBASE /usr/local
cd src/xpdf
./configure  --with-t1-library="${LOCALBASE}/lib"

#make sure you see this:
#checking for T1_InitLib in -lt1... yes
#using t1 library

cd ../..

NetBSD installation
Package for NetBSD is available on http://pkgsrc.se/wip/pdfedit

Debian package
The package for the Debian is in testing branch at the moment. 
See http://packages.debian.org/unstable/utils/pdfedit

The package for the Ubuntu can by found at http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/utils/pdfedit

RPM package
RPM package is available directly on source forge net download pages. 
See http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=177354

Gentoo package
Package is available on sunrise overlay repository
which should be available in following way:

emerge -va layman
echo "source /usr/portage/local/layman/make.conf" >> /etc/make.conf
layman -f -a sunrise

pdfedit is then installed by:
ACCEPT_KEYWORDS=~x86 emerge -av pdfedit