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2007-04-29 PDF Editor 0.3.1
	* Fixed commandline function invocation
	* Fixed QSA using bad qmake
	* Fixed --enable-release option in configure script
	* Xpdf code cleanup (removed unused files)
	* Fixed possible unicode string handling errors
	* Added checks for QTDIR and QMAKESPEC to ./configure
	* Compilation fixes for gcc-4.3 (thanks to Martin Michlmayr for patch)
	* Added german translation (thanks to Andreas Mantke)
	* Updated Xpdf to 3.01pl2 (some security bugs were fixed)
	* Fixed unicode file name handling
	* LC_ALL and LC_MESSAGES env. variables are now processed, not only LANG
	* .qm files are now (re)compiled when running qmake in src/gui
	* Setting units in options now does not break when changing locale
	* Added settings to change initial focus
	* Added tooltips for line width, font face and font size selection boxes
	* In configure, --enable-release is turned on by default
	  (use --disable-release to turn it off)
	* Files README, Changelog and doc/AUTHORS are now installed
	  to documentation directory with "make install"
	* Fixed about window not showing all text if font size is too big
	* Fixed icon cache freeing data prematurely, causing ineffectivity
	  and possibly crashes
	* Minor bugfixes

2007-04-15 PDF Editor 0.3.0
	* Fixed wrong permission of files in source tarball
	* post_configure tries to find correct qmake
	* modified makefiles to properly clean stuff with
	  make clean/make distclean (thanks to Varun Hiremath for patch)
	* Added "save as text" feature
	* Added loadFile and saveFile functions to scripting
	* Speedup of some kernel functions
	* Reordered menu for more standard order
	* Added russian translation
	* Added time, tick, rand functions to scripting
	* Functions transformationMatrixMul and transformationMatrixDiv
	  implemented in C++, 2-3x faster than script version
	* Updated internal QSA to 1.1.5
	* PageView now can be scrolled by keyboard
	* Added --enable-release to configure
	* Minor bugfixes

2007-02-04 PDF Editor 0.2.5
	* Minor bugfixes

2007-01-28 PDF Editor 0.2.4
	* 64bit compilability fix
	* Fixed bug with units precision, 1234pt showing up as 1.23e+3pt
	* Console scripts bug fixed (not running scripts from current directory)
	* Added QSPdf.save() function
	* Spanish translation added

2006-12-12 PDF Editor 0.2.3
	* Export to XML
	* documentation fixes

2006-10-01 PDF Editor 0.2.2
	* Added boost check to configure
	* Absence of doxygen is silently ignored
	* Rare menu character encoding problem fixed
	* Minor bugfixes in scripts
	* Some crashes fixed

2006-09-16 PDF Editor 0.2.1
	* Many bugfixes
	* Added move up and move down function to contentstreams in pages

2006-09-07 PDF Editor 0.2.0
	* Added commandline mode, editor can automatically process files
	  using a script without opening any window or needing an X server
	* Added ./configure script
	* Added support for different length units
	* Added support for various charsets
	* Page view improved
	* Added delinearizator
	* Many operations added to GUI
	* Added statusbar and progressbar
	* Added support for Annotations
	* Added support for Outlines
	* Installation now working
	* Improved documentation
	* Added user documentation
	* Can now install as non-root user into any directory
	* Large internal changes, reorganization of some code
	* Fixed stability

2006-06-02 PDF Editor 0.1.1
	* Added PDF operator editing and content stream manipulation
	* Added tabbed tree view
	* Added many function to scripting layer
	* Fixed many other bugs and crashes
	* Added switchable icon themes
	* Many user interface improvements
	* Added ability to work with multiple PDF files simultaneously in script in one window
	* Added context menu in tree
	* Added revision support
	* Added script editor
	* Added stream manipulation support

2006-05-03 PDF Editor 0.1.0
	* First version released (0.1.0)