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PDFdirectory / News: Recent posts

Wiki Documentation system now available

In an effort to improve the documentation, I have implemented a Wiki documentation system at:

This is just getting started but it should be a major improvement over the previously available docs and should grow to be more complete. Please feel free to contribute by either modifying the documents or if your ambitious, translating to other languages. Just follow the above link and start editing!... read more

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-08-22

Page tree bug fix and French Language

New release.

See demo:

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-06-17

French language now available

French language file now available thanks to Matt Kerma. See CVS at

Try the demo at

login admin/admin

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-06-14

Demo updated

The demo has been updated to a cleaner look and feel. It has been a little sloppy before so I hope this will be a valuble enhancement.

Pleas visit demo:

Login: admin
Pass: admin

Please provide any feedback on how to improve this app by contacting me at or by posting to the feature request or forums here at sourceforge.


Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-06-09

Team photo feature added

Now you can add team photos. see demo

login with admin/admin

Download here

also scripting has been added to change page setup info when units are changed. The Table of Contents has been cleaned up for proper indenting.

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-06-04

Feature enhancements

Now groups and teams can be re-ordered.

Demo has been updated at

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-05-19

Language file updates Correction

Complete language files now available for Portuguese, Italian and Russian.

See CVS for latest

The demo has been updated so please visit:
logon as admin/admin or create a new account.


Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-02-26

Language file updates

Complete language files now available for Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.

See CVS for latest

The demo has been updated so please visit:
logon as admin/admin or create a new account.


Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-02-26

Beta Release 0.2.04

Fixed no duplicate users on rename.
Fixed deleting of titles would leave stray data and rank blank title.
Added Check of mime type when uploading pdf files.

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-02-16

Ver. 0.2.02 Released

This release implements the PHP Layers Menu for menuing. Users now have the ability to change their own passwords. A bug on deleting of titles has been fixed.

The demo has been updated so please visit:
logon as admin/admin or create a new account.

Also see the tutorial at:
This has not been updated but should still be easy to follow with the new interface.... read more

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-02-09

Tutorial now available

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-02-08

User's Guide and Demo server now available.

Please see the User's guide which is now available at

I have also set up a demo server where you can log on as admin/admin to experiment. When comfortable with the system, create your own workspace and begin working on your organizations document. No installation or downloading, just use this server if you like. The demo server is found at read more

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-02-03

Now available to use online!

I have set up a demo site which will act as a pdfdirectory server. You can create your own organizations directory online at You can logon as admin/admin to play around to get the feel of it. When you are ready, create an account for your own organization.

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-02-02

PDFdirectory now in beta with release 0.2.beta

This release adds support for multiple organizations. Each organization is totally independent and access is controlled by the user's logon. This can serve as a server for multiple organizations or a single organization with separate publications for each region or division. In other words it can be an open system where anybody can access the system and make their publication or it can be controlled by the administrator as to what organizations can be created for use on the server.... read more

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-02-01

PDFdirecotry 0.1.07.alpha released!

This release includes better control over the document with the addition of a page break option for each group. Also added was improved page management interface. Bulgarian language now available.

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-01-23

PDFdirecotry 0.1.06.alpha released!

Sorry for the double release. This fixes a bug with page numbering and is an upgrade of the FPDF library to version 1.53.

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-01-20

PDFdirecotry 0.1.05.alpha released!

This release implements user restrictions. Local users can now only access their assigned groups. Also some typos were corrected in the Hebrew language. You should be seeing the first beta release in the very near future so stay tuned.

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-01-20

PDFdirecotry 0.1.04.alpha released!

This release changes the templates to insure that teams will fit on a page, if not, a new page will be added.

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-01-14

PDFdirecotry 0.1.03.alpha released!

With this release, gutter support has been added as well as an additional template for two column format.

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-01-11

PDFdirecotry 0.1.02.alpha released!

This release includes support for templates for pdf output of group and team data. Also included is an Italian language translation thanks to Tara Kelly (a.k.a. katytid).

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-01-11

PDFdirecotry 0.1.01.alpha released!

Make printable directory in PDF format now in Dutch, German, Hebrew, Russian and Spanish.

Posted by Richard Bondi 2005-01-08

PDFdirecotry 0.1.alpha released!

The process of creating a printable directory for an organizaion can now be streamlined by online creation. Select members can maintain member data and organize teams. This allows for easier sharing of information and further delegaion of the document creation tasks.

The process is automated to create a printable PDF document as a straight PDF file or in "Booklet" format for 2 pages on each side of a sheet. Custom pages can be created offline with your favorite word processor, exported to PDF and uploaded for inclusion in the document.... read more

Posted by Richard Bondi 2004-12-30