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new version 2.1 (png images)

PPM/PBM,.. images are now replaced by PNG images

Posted by Herve Dejean 2012-06-14

version 2.0

new version compatible with xpdf 3.03

Posted by Herve Dejean 2012-04-30

new Xpdf release

Xpdf 3.03 was released 2011-aug-15

Posted by Herve Dejean 2012-01-26


an online pdf2epub based on this project is available at


It is also based on conversion components available as web services :

Posted by Herve Dejean 2010-12-21


Related project using pdf2xml: Xeproc, an Eclipse plug-in

see http://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/xeproc

Xeproc is a dedicated DSL for modeling Document Processing as XML pipelines in Eclipse 3.5.1 The Xeproc EMF model and Xeproc Designer are available under the Eclipse Public License.

Posted by Herve Dejean 2010-01-28

new Release

Release 1.2.4. Unicode fontname bug fixed

Posted by Herve Dejean 2009-01-06