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Project Status Update

> Hi,
> It been a while since a new release of Pdesk or Progect? Is there a
> plan to update either of these in the near future? Last thing I
> remember was a complete rewrite. Any news?


I'm thinking of adding someone's patches for Progect and rebuilding a beta of it.

I also need to make sure it can handle opaque data from other desktop applications (explanation further on).... read more

Posted by Rick Price 2006-07-21

Source moved to Subversion

Subversion has been enabled, and new development has moved to Subversion.

Posted by Rick Price 2006-04-03

PDesk now in the CVS


the full sources of PDesk are now in the CVS. Taks a look at the CVS page to learn how to check them out.


Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2002-12-22

PDesk going GPL

Finally, PDesk (Progect's desktop companion) will go GPL! Now that the sourceforge site is ready, it won't be long. All new regarding PDesk and Progect will stay in the yahoogroup dedicated to it, which is :

Posted by Laurent Burgbacher 2002-11-23