pdcurses on MinGW

  • Bob Tennent
    Bob Tennent

    I need a curses to port a specialized editor to Windows.  I have no experience developing on Windows. I tried building pdcurses on MinGW and it failed because MinGW doesn't have sys/ipc.h.  But I see others have been using pdcurses on MinGW.  What should I do?  I also see there are pre-compiled pdcurses binaries for Win32.  Which should be used for Win7 and where should I install the files? 

  • If you got an error on sys/ipc.h, then you were trying to build the X11 version, via configure. That's not what you want.

    Look in the "win32" directory. Read the README.

  • Hi,

    You can install PDCurses on MinGW with mingw-get:

    mingw-get install mingw32-pdcurses
    mingw-get install mingw32-libpdcurses

    These libraries will work on Windows 7.

    Erwin Waterlander