#47 win32: compile -DPDC_DLL_BUILD error


I've tried to compile as .dll with Digital Mars Compiler Version 8.42n modifying vcwin32.mak, next error was found at pdcscrn.c, line 561:

z:\tmp\pdcurses\win32\pdcscrn.c(561) : Error: statement expected
--- errorlevel 1

compile line generate error:
dmc -WD -mn -c -Iz:\tmp\pdcurses -DPDC_DLL_BUILD -opdcscrn.dll.obj z:\tmp\pdcurses\win32\pdcscrn.c

Original pdcscrn.c seems to miss 'break;' keyword at case DLL_THREAD_DETACH:

Also I've tried to compile as .lib with the same compiler modiying mingwin32.mak and works ok.

Josep Ezquerra


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    (Sorry, I somehow missed seeing this until just now.)

    I haven't tried building PDCurses with Digital Mars... that's something that's been on my list, hopefully to be officially supported. Good to hear that it's mostly working.

    A "break" statement is not required after the last condition in a switch/case loop; however, DMC appears to be complaining because there are no statements at all following the label. Anyway, as it happens, I just chucked this whole function yesterday, so it won't be a problem in the next version. (The linker adds its own empty DllMain(), so it's not needed.)

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    DMC appears to be not a very good and Standard conforming compiler.

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    I'm belatedly adding a note that there's official Digital Mars support in PDCurses as of version 3.2 (for Win32 only). However, the free Digital Mars tools include only a crippled version of make, so I won't be testing features like building DLLs or compatibility with the MSVC makefile unless someone wants to donate licenses for the more advanced tools. So, I'm tentatively marking this "Won't Fix".